Polyclean for PlexiGlass - Gallon - Clearance

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WINSOL Polyclean Graffiti Remover - 1 Gallon

PolyClean is formulated to be a non-abrasive cleaner for Plexiglas®Lexan® and polycarbonate indoors or outdoors!

Polyclean removes paint, tar, graffiti, etc from polycarbonates and many types of awnings! It is a safer but effective blend of water soluble solvents, surfactants and sequestriants which, when used according to instructions, will provide optimum cleaning power to plate Plexiglas® and Lexan®.

Polyclean removes lacquer, enamel, permanent marker and several types of graffiti. It softens and dissolves abraded plastic residues, inks, waxes and resins. 
It eliminates grease, grime, tar, smoke, and rubber residues without abrasion of the surface material.

Winsol PolyClean Graffiti Remover sold by Harry Falk window cleaning supplies and equipment Chemical Cleaners

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