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ipc-hydro-cartsIPC Hydro Cart
The IPC Eagle Hydro Cart has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap water pressure. The Hydro Cart is a 4-stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and de-ionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows. The Hydro Cart is available with electric, battery, or gas engineboost pump options that are designed to increase productivity in low water pressure areas or when 2 or 3 pole cleaning is desired. The Hydro Cart includes 100 feet of industrial-strength hose that allows you to stay mobile versus being planted in one place when using this unit. Height 50”, weight 55 lbs.
Price $2,703.00
ipc-hydro-tube.jpgHydro Tube
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Lightest weight (28 Lbs.) Portable RO/DI Cart
*Easily transported in and out of vehicles
* Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and up and down stairs
* Operates laying down
* Handheld TDS meter
* Produces pure water at less than $.03 per gallon
* Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump (Based on incoming tap pressure)
* Works on tap pressure only
* Easy change filters require no tools Technical Data
Dimensions 57" x 13" x 11"
Weight 28 Lbs.
Working Hose Length 50"

The HydroTube is compact and portable, easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain.

The HydroTube has the unique ability to product a high volume of pure water on normal tap pressure. The possibilities are endless and the system can be upgraded at any time with an electric or gas module. This includes a 4 stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and deionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows.

Eco-Boost - Add to your HydroTube for more power
* 50 PSI Boost
* Increase water production up to 2 times and increase productivity
* Clean as high as you can reach
* Can be used with two poles
* 32’ cord with GFCI
* Lightweight at 17lbs
* You may add either 1/2 horse Electric or Honda Gas module

Price $1,663.00
new-england-colored-rope.jpgNew England KMIII 7/16" Neon Green
Construction features a polyester sheath for heat, chemical and abrasion resistance, and nylon core for high tensile strength. KMIII™ static kernmantle rope is a balanced construction consisting of a continuous filament polyester cover braided over a uni-directional nylon core. KMIII™ is designed to meet the rigorous requirements associated with rescue and rappelling operations. KMIII™ is the only dual-certified static rope on the market (NFPA and CE). 8,000# tensile strength.
Price $190.00
ro-membrane.jpgRO Membrane 40"
Reverse Osmosis Membrane 4 x 40" Ultra Low Pressure (80 psi) - Super High Flow. These newly formulated cartridges far exceed the performance of previous cartridges, offering enhanced contaminant removal, longer life and higher purity. Expected life of 100,000 gallons at 100TDS (can vary based on other factors). Replacement RO Membrane for either the Hydro Cart or the Hydro Tube or others requiring a 40" RO.
Price $330.00
petzlorangehelmetPetzl HelmetPrice $120.00
sorbo-patriotic.jpgSorbo Patriotic Channel
This Sorbo Patriotic Channel with it's Red, White, & Blue Stars and Stripes is sure to add flare to your window cleaning! It comes in your favorite size - 18".
Price $15.00
Petzl ASAP LOCK Rope Grab & Lanyard
This ASAP mobile fall arrester stops a fall or uncontrolled descent. It locks even if the device is grabbed during a fall! It is easy to install and remove. Works with 7/16" & 1/2" rope. ***Comes with the Petzl ASAP'SORBER 16" Lanyard which is designed to connect the ASAP to your harness.
Price $330.00
HFKitHF Window Kit
The HF Window Kit has everything you need to get your windows looking great... and with the products priced 10% off; it's a great deal! Kit includes: a Pulex Bucket, a Tubex Bucket on a Belt, a Sorbo Belt, 2 Microfiber Towels, a quart of Glass Gleam 3, Sorbo Channels - 6", 12" and 18"; Sorbo Rubbers - 6", 12", and 18"; a Sorbo Fast Release Handle, a 10" Sorbo Swivel T-Bar & Sleeve, and a 18" Sorbo Swivel T-Bar and Sleeve.
Price $235.00
microfibertowelMicrofiber Towel
With a 400GSM rating, this 16"x27" Microfiber Towel is extremely plush with high density. It can hold 25 times it's weight in water!
Price $2.50
BluelighteningSorbo Blue Lightening
The Sorbo Blue Lightning is an 18" Quick Silver Channel available for a limited time. Looks awesome with the liquid blue background and lightening flashes!
Price $25.00

Harry Falk Company represents the following brand names; Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Pulex, IPC, Garelick, Gemtor, Triumph, Titan, Winsol, MIO, Sala, Petzl, Yates, Miller, Sky Genie, CMI, Silber, Bio Clean, Companion Tools, Tucker, IPC Eagle, New England, Sterling Rope, Capital Safety, DBI, Moerman, Pulex, CMI, Levelok, Metallic Ladder, Wiljer, Werner, SMC and All Vac.

Products we carry or handle include; squeegees, squeegee handles, super system handles, washer gloves, washer sleeves, lambs wool covers, t bars, microfiber covers, micro fiber covers, rails, swivel bars, super system bars, tbar, glass cleaners, high rise equipment & supplies. hard water stain removers, crystal clear 500,Ettore rubber, Unger rubber, Pulex rubber, Sorbo rubber, aluminum channel, degreasers, scrapers,triumph scraper, triumph scraper blades,scraper holster, scraper blades,telescoping pole, window cleaning equipment, Ettore pole, Garlick pole, Unger pole, extension poles, screen brushes, screen cleaners, cobweb brushes, suction cups, bosun chairs, ropes, descending racks, rope grabs, lanyards, helmets, descenders, safety line, waterproof gloves, ledgers, safety cones, shoe covers, stack ladders, steel wool, tool belts, holsters, scraper holsters, tool bungees, tool lanyards, rope protectors, rope washers, hog hair brushes, awning cleaners, waterfed poles, water purification systems, waterfed brushes and much more!

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