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Harry Falk Company Window Cleaner's Supplies and Equipment

The Harry Falk Company established in 1926, continues to bring you the very best in Window cleaning supplies and equipment. Over 90 years of service!

We hope you enjoy the convenience and ease of shopping online in our website. If you are looking for a new product or can't find what you are looking for, please call us and we'll do our best to help!

tucker-august-promo.jpgTucker ECO Pole
AUGUST PROMO FREE UPGRADE FREE UPGRADE FREE UPGRADE ORDER A 40' AND GET UPGRADED TO A 50' AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! SAVE $300 !!! 100% Carbon Fiber. Excellent rigidity and very light weight. Pole comes complete. Includes hose with FGH connection, adjustable gooseneck, and 12" double trim nylon brush with pencil jets. Actual lengths are 5' less than reach length.
Price $500.00
petzl-paw.jpgPetzl Paw Rigging Plate
Master your rope organization on any scale, whether you are setting up a slackline, tyrolean traverse, or a haul system to pull your car out of that ditch. For easy organization of the work area and for creating multiple anchor systems 19mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass through Made of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio Breaking strength: 36 kN
Price $54.00
tucker-promoTucker 3 Stage RODI Cart w/FREE Reel
INCLUDES A FREE HOSE REEL AND 100' HOSE. The Tucker Cart is a 3-stage Pure Water system built on a lightweight steel frame. The frame is powder-coated to reduce wear and rust and the large wheels help to navigate rough terrain. System consists of a 40 RO, 10 DI, and 10" Carbon/Sediment filters. The Tucker Cart is a non-powered system capable of producing Pure Water on demand. Clean windows up to 4 stories or 40 feet high with ease. This Pure Water system will operate laying down or standing up. Garden hose fittings in/out. Features: 40" RO Filter 10" Carbon/Sediment Filter 10" DI Filter Pneumatic Tires 50 ft. of 3/8" hose TDS Meter Filter Housing Wrenches (2) All Tucker carts are now shipped with a new and upgraded RO Housing and fittings as well as a metal bypass and a pressure gauge for the RO Housing.
Price $1,925.00
samurai-colors.jpgSamurai BOAB
3 configurations: Partition 1: Holds 2 squeegees + mop Partition 2: Holds 1 Squeegee PLUS a wide body tool like a Wagtail, Orbital or Moerman Fliq No wet leg (depends a little on how you use it) Accomodates a 36" Channel (Sorbo, Ninja or Super Channel, etc.) Accomodates a 22" mop (even larger) Fully adjustable strap/clip attachment - multiple different settings Will fit a padded Ninja Ergotec belt Partitions prevent snags and tangling with mop Removable partition makes cleaning easy
Reg. Price $49.95 $46.95 On Sale!
allvac-single-silicone.jpgAll Vac Silicone Single Suction Cup
The newest suction cup line from All Vac Industries is a red silicone cup with fine flexibility which is noticeable in a variety of outdoor temperatures. It responds so much better in the hottest and the coldest temperatures that the industry requires.
Price $44.00

Harry Falk Company represents the following brand names; Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Pulex, IPC, Garelick, Gemtor, Triumph, Titan, Winsol, MIO, Sala, Petzl, Yates, Miller, Sky Genie, CMI, Silber, Bio Clean, Companion Tools, Tucker, IPC Eagle, New England, Sterling Rope, Capital Safety, DBI, Moerman, Pulex, CMI, Levelok, Metallic Ladder, Wiljer, Werner, SMC and All Vac.

Products we carry or handle include; squeegees, squeegee handles, super system handles, washer gloves, washer sleeves, lambs wool covers, t bars, microfiber covers, micro fiber covers, rails, swivel bars, super system bars, tbar, glass cleaners, high rise equipment & supplies. hard water stain removers, crystal clear 500,Ettore rubber, Unger rubber, Pulex rubber, Sorbo rubber, aluminum channel, degreasers, scrapers,triumph scraper, triumph scraper blades,scraper holster, scraper blades,telescoping pole, window cleaning equipment, Ettore pole, Garlick pole, Unger pole, extension poles, screen brushes, screen cleaners, cobweb brushes, suction cups, bosun chairs, ropes, descending racks, rope grabs, lanyards, helmets, descenders, safety line, waterproof gloves, ledgers, safety cones, shoe covers, stack ladders, steel wool, tool belts, holsters, scraper holsters, tool bungees, tool lanyards, rope protectors, rope washers, hog hair brushes, awning cleaners, waterfed poles, water purification systems, waterfed brushes and much more!

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