Mr. LongArm

Pro Design Bulb Changer - Clearance

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  • The Mr. Longarm heavy duty bulb changer attaches to an extension pole and allows the user to remove and replace exposed light bulbs quickly and easily
  • Flexible fingers slide over and grasp exposed bulbs for easy changing
  • It will also work with fixtures that surround the bulb where the total diameter of the fixture opening is 1.5" larger than the diameter of the bulb to be replaced
  • This bulb changer expands up to 90mm (3.5") in diameter and can be used to change most bulbs that are 2.375" - 3.5" in diameter
  • Fits standard pear-shaped, globe-shaped and some compact fluorescent bulbs. It will not work with floodlight style bulbs
  • Recommended for use with Mr. Longarm non-conductive extension poles
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