Sorbo Rubber

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Expected release date is Jun 10th 2021

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Product is on backorder until June 25th!!


Sorbo Rubber

Sorbo standard squeegee rubber is made of the highest quality rubber compound available. Screened and cleaned and then molded in two molds. Because of the ridged squeegee channels Sorbo produces squeegee rubbers from 5" to 48". Sörbo produces the longest molded standard rubber in the world. Prior to Sörbo Products there never was a squeegee rubber longer than 36". All Sörbo squeegee rubbers are specifically designed to fit all Sörbo 3x4 channels. A special Sörbo formula gives 3x4 squeegee blades an edge over the competition. They’re soft, to conform to glass surface. They’re made from the highest quality natural rubber.

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