Triumph 6" Blades (25 Pack)

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  • Triumph 6" Blades (25 Pack)
  • Triumph 6" Blades (25 Pack)
  • Triumph 6" Blades (25 Pack)
  • Triumph 6" Blades (25 Pack)
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TRIUMPH 6" Blades  (25 Pack)

Available in: Carbon Steel - 0.15mm

                   Stainless Steel - 0.15mm, less prone to rust.

                   Thicker Stainless Steel - 0.20mm, less prone to rust.

 Use this blade for scraping paint, plaster, tape and adhesives from glass, mirrors,   granite and similar smooth surfaces.

The 0.15mm blade is a thinner blade and adjusts to the imperfections of older float glass than thicker blades

The thicker 0.20mm blade is great for heavy duty and new construction use.

The Plastic Safety Container offers a secure way to manage, dispense and secure the used blade.

Triumph offers Quality blades for scraping debris off of smooth hard surfaces, offering a good combination of flexibility, sharpness and longevity.

Double edged blades offer you more scraping surfaces than ordinary scrapers.



Triumph Replacements Blades & Track sold by Harry Falk window cleaning supplies and equipment Scrapers and Blades

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