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Harry Falk Company
1550 91st Avenue NE #106
Blaine, MN 55449

Local: (763) 786-1093
Toll Free: 800-328-2187
(Fax: 530-658-5386)

Harry Falk Window Cleaning Supplies and Equipment since 1926 Questions?


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Harry Falk Company Window Cleaner's Supplies and Equipment


Flat Top Rubber


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As the name implies, these rubber are flat on top rather than the round bead for brass or stainless channels. The Flat Top is best used in the likes of Sorbo channels.


Kong Back Up


Part ID: KBU

“The Kong Backup Rope Grab is the next design step in the evolution of rope grabs. And here are just a few reasons. No exterior lever arm to grab and disable the device from grabbing, making the panic/grab action less of a safety issue. There are no teeth on the cam to grab your 7/16” diameter kernmantle rope. The Backup passes the ANSI z359.1 drop test for slippage, you must use the 205 gram steel carabiner provided with the Backup. The Park feature allows you to use the grab in both a self trailing mode and as a positioning device. The Backup is lighter than its competition, it would take two devices to give you the multiple use ability of the Kong Backup Rope Grab. Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope Meets ANSI Z359 and OSHA requirements in USA

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Tractel Stopfor K21 Rope Grab


Part ID: TRG

Use 1/2" Static Kernmantle Rope. The STOPFOR K21 trailing rope grab provides unrivaled performance and safety in fall arrest for vertical lifeline systems. The STOPFOR K21 introduces the roll over cam braking technology where in the event of a fall, the unit rotates to exert pressure on the cam axle to effectively stop the fall. The ingenuity of the design allows performance to meet safety by providing the industry's most secure anti-panic function. The STOPFOR K21 exceeds both ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI 10.32-2004, and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 standards without compromise. This device offers the best hands free travel possible for kernmantle rope on the market today. Workers who climb up and down frequently to perform tasks will benefit from increased productivity and total safety. Sold with 1-ft. (0.3 m) lanyard, carabiner and snap hook. Benefits * Freedom of movement * Secure anti-panic function * Easy to use and lightweight

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The Harry Falk Company established in 1926, continues to bring you the very best in Window cleaning supplies and equipment. Over 85 years of service!

We hope you enjoy the convenience and ease of shopping online in our website. If you are looking for a new product or can't find what you are looking for, please call us and we'll do our best to help!

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Harry Falk Company represents the following brand names; Ettore, Unger, Sorbo, Pulex, IPC, Garelick, Gemtor, Triumph, Titan, Winsol, MIO, Sala, Petzl, Yates, Miller, Sky Genie, CMI, Silber, Mr. Longarm, Bio Clean, Companion Tools, Tucker, IPC Eagle, New England, Sterling Rope, Levelok, Little Giant, Metallic Ladder, Wiljer, Werner, SMC and All Vac.

Products we carry on hand include; squeegees, squeegee handles, super system handles, washer gloves, washer sleeves, lambs wool covers, t bars, microfiber covers, micro fiber covers, rails, swivel bars, super system bars, tbar, glass cleaners, hard water stain removers,mdr, crystal clear 500,Ettore rubber, Unger rubber, Pulex rubber, Sorbo rubber, aluminum channel, degreasers, scrapers,triumph scraper, triumph scraper blades,scraper holster, scraper blades,telescoping pole, window cleaning equipment, Ettore pole, Garlick pole, Unger pole, extension poles, screen brushes, screen cleaners, cob web brushes, suction cups, bosun chairs, ropes, descending racks, rope grabs, lanyards, helmets, descenders, safety line, waterproof gloves, ledgers, safety cones, shoe covers, stack ladders, green cleaners, steel wool, tool belts, holsters, scraper holsters, tool bungees, tool lanyards, rope protectors, rope washers, hog hair brushes, awning cleaners and more to come!

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