Tucker Glide Brush w/ LOCT

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  • Tucker Glide Brush w/ LOCT
  • Tucker Glide Brush w/ LOCT
$212.00 - $241.00


Tucker Alpha Glide Brush W/ LOCT -

Designed for experienced and new window washers alike, this American made water fed brush is made from a new synthetic material that out performs boar bristle in our testing. Whereas boar bristle brushes will shed, these brushes will last far longer. Due to the nature of the bristle material you are able to get the boar bristle aggressive scrub, but also rinse on the glass in far more scenarios. The bristles will not hold dirt like boar bristle brushes so you will fine these more forgiving for new comers in training or just getting started.

This brush comes with 4 plumbed pencil jets, creating direct streams of high-pressure water that powers away grime. Pencil jets have long been the standard jet when rinsing glass.

Available in 2 sizes - the standard (made for more of a residential size window) and the XL (made for more commercial size windows and solar panels)

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