Complete Tucker 4 Stage RODI

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Complete Tucker 4 Stage RODI

Tucker’s commercial work horse! This system will produce more water than others making your cleaning time faster! @ Tucker® we have the unique opportunity to produce 30” RO Membranes that produce nearly the same water as the leading 40” RO Membranes on the market and when we combine 2 of them you get the performance of 80” RO Membrane, but in a much more compact design. Hows that? We use much lower operating pressure RO Membranes than anyone else in the market. This RO Membrane technology is ONLY available in Tucker® branded systems and all other systems simply can’t compare. @60 PSI this unit produces 1.5 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp @80 PSI this unit produces 1.91 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp w/ the RHG 110v booster pump this unit produces 2.3 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp. Weighs approximately 95 pounds.

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  • SKU# 66RO Replacement RO Filter
  • SKU# 66C Replacement Carbon Filter
  • SKU# 66DI Replacement DI Filter
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