ALL VAC Super Grabber with 4.75″ Diameter Cup

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ALL VAC Super Grabber with 4.75″ Diameter Cup

  • 4.75″ diameter suction cup, 2.50″ overall height. This is one piece of strong pliable vinyl.
  • Simply place on your load, push down to force out air and create a strong vacuum hold.
  • Comfortable handle with dual loops for fitting four fingers.
  • Two lift tabs on suction cup edges allow for quick & easy release of load.
  • Lightweight tool (5 oz.) allows for repeated use while reducing fatigue.
  • Great for lifting small pieces of glass, smooth metal, and polished stone or tiles.
  • Rated to lift 12 lbs.

ALL VAC Super Grabber by Harry Falk window cleaning supplies and equipment Suction Cups

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